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The Enduring Legacy of Helium-Neon Lasers and Power Supplies

We discuss Helium-Neon (HeNe) lasers, including their origins, history, recent use cases, and applications in various industries. Despite being an older technology, HeNe lasers continue to be utilized due to their reliability, stability, and low cost. We also touch on HeNe power supplies and their importance in maintaining the functionality of HeNe lasers. Power Technology, Inc. is a company that has been manufacturing HeNe power supplies and other parts for over 50 years, continuing to innovate and invest in these products. Additionally, we provided a list of HeNe laser tube manufacturers.

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Maximizing Precision and Accuracy in GeoSpatial Applications with Laser Technology

GeoSpatial applications and lasers go hand-in-hand in providing accurate and reliable data for mapping and surveying. These applications use laser technology to gather information about the Earth’s surface, topography, and geography. In this post, we’ll take a look at the various ways laser technology is utilized in GeoSpatial applications and why it’s such a valuable tool.

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